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Figures are made up, mostly from casting list U.
Infantry in sets of 4 at £48 matt, £40 gloss, consisting of Officer or flag bearer, bugle and two men marching at the slope or advancing fixed bayonet or standing easy.
Artillery, H121 painted, plus 4 crew at £7 6 matt,£60 gloss .
Castings £3.50 each with guns in the H list
On campaign 1880ís
SS1 British Infantry
SS2 British Artillery
SS3 Egyptian Infantry
SS4 Indian Infantry
Full dress 1870ís
SS10 Prussian Infantry
SS11 Prussian Artillery
SS12 British Infantry
SS13 British Artillery
SS14 Turkish Infantry
SS15 Turkish Artillery
SS16 French Infantry
SS17 French Artillery
SS18 Bersaglieri
SS19 Prussian Hussars
SS20 Russian Infantry
SS21 Russian Artillery
SS30 German Infantry
SS31 British Infantry
SS32 Montenegrin Infantry
SS33 Turkish Infantry
SS34 French Infantry
SS35 Indian Infantry
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