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1400 Russian infantry in greatcoats Officer and men firing & on guard. 6 figures.
1401 Grenadier Guards in greatcoats Officer with colour, 5 men advancing.
1402 Lifeguard Moscow Regt. Officer, 5 men in action.
1403 93rd Highlanders Officer and 5 men forming the ‘thin red streak’ (later ‘line’).
1404 Sir Colin Campbell mounted
1405 General –Adj’t Baron Osten Saken
1406A 17th Lancers Officer and Trumpeter.
1406B 17th Lancers 2 lancers.
1407 Taruntinski Jaegers 6 figures.
1408 Naval Landing Party 6 figures.
1409 39th Foot at attention Not illustrated, but using Officer and bugler from 1411 but with green facings, and 4 men with shouldered rifles.
1410 39th Foot 12 piece drums and fifes.
1411 77th Foot in action 6 figures.
1412 Russian gun and crew (in greatcoats).
1413 Royal Horse Artillery, gun and crew.
1414 Royal Field Artillery, gun and crew.
1415A 8th Hussars Officer and trumpeter.
1415B 8th Hussars 2 hussars.
1416A 11th Hussars Officer and trumpeter.
1416B 11th Hussars 2 hussars.
1417A 4th Light Dragoons Officer and Trumpeter.
1417B 4th Light Dragoons 2 dragoons.
1418 Pavlovski Regiment 12 piece band.
2057 Crimean Landing Barge Includes 22 figures, gun and stores.
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