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815 Mounted Policeman
816 Cop and Robber
817 Police Sergeant on Bicycle unboxed
818 Police Car Adapted from the “Britains” sports car
819 Red Sports Car with man and woman crew
820 Green Sports Car with man and woman crew
821 Fire Officer’s Car
822 R.A.C. Motorcycle unboxed
823 A.A. Motorcycle unboxed
824 Civilian Motorcycle unboxed
825 Police Motorcycle not illustrated. See 826 for uniform. Unboxed.
826 Police Motorcycle Combination
827 Civilian and Vicar Motorcycle Combination
828 A.A. Man Saluting Adapted from “Britains” figure. Unboxed.
829 R.A.C. Man Saluting. Not illustrated. As 828 in uniform of 822. Unboxed.
830 Queen Victoria unboxed
831 Lady Cyclist in Red unboxed
832 Lady Cyclist in Yellow unboxed
833 Gent Cyclist unboxed
834 1850s Postman with Green Corinthian Pillar Box, a colour used by the Post Office between 1859 and 1874.
835 1880s Postman with Red Corinthian Pillar Box.
836 K4 Telephone Kiosk with Postbox and Stamp machine. Resin Cast. Unboxed.
837 Telegraph Boy on Bicycle. 1900. unboxed
838 Town and Country Double Pillar Box with Postwoman c1916.
839 Airmail Pillar Box with Postman 1930s.
840 Sir Thomas Witherings. Kings Postmaster 1630. unboxed
805 Postman and Pillar Box 1900.
841 Postman and Pillar Box 1950s.
842 Mounted Postboy 1800 unboxed
843 Postman with K Type Pillar Box. Late 1970s.
844 Royal Engineer Postman on Mail Call. unboxed
809a Nutwood Willy Mouse, Tiger Lily, Algy Pug, Rupert the Bear, Bill Badger, Edward Trunk, Pong Ping and his pet Dragon.
Customers wishing to add the Irish Guards to their “William Britains Collection” figures can now do so with WBC 1 IRISH GUARD PIPER. We can undertake certain conversions on Britains figures, and will be pleased to quote for your needs.
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