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1512 Irish Guards Band seated (1905 to 1990's) a) Director of Music, music stand, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium, Clarinet, Flute
b) Base Drum, Drummer, Eb Bass, Saxophone, Bassoon, French Horn, Tenor Horn
1519 Royal Company of Archers (The Queen's Bodyguard in Scotland) 1900 - 1990's Practising at the Archery Butts
1520 The Devonshire Regiment 1920's Sergeant, Bugler and 4 Privates marching at the slope
1521 Royal Air Force Staff Car 1920's - 30's Officer and Driver as crew
1522 Types of the Royal Air Force 1920's - 30's Officer with Colour, Pilot, Flight Sergeant, Mechanic and 2 RAF Regiment.
1523 Royal Air Force Combination 1920's - 30's A Pilot being driven to his plane
1524 Royal Air Force Motor Cycle 1920's - 30's Unboxed
1525 43rd Wessex Division WWII Officer, Bugler, Bren Gunner and 3 Riflemen marching
1526 2nd Ghurkas 1950's Officer, Bugler and 4 Riflemen marching
1527 Royal Marines 1920's - 1990's
 Officer and 5 Marines presenting arms
1528 Somerset Light Infantry 1950's Officer and 5 men at attention
1529 Hampshire Regiment 1950's Sergeant, Drummer and 4 men marching at the slope
1530 King's Own Scottish Borderers 1950's Officer, Piper and 4 men marching at the slope
1531 11th Hussars 1950's Officer and 5 Hussars marching at the slope
1532 Scots Guards Band 1900 - 1990's (using castings from the WBC List) a) Drum Major, Side Drum, Bass Drum, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium
b) Clarinet, French Horn, Cymbals, Tenor Horn, Eb Bass, Flute
 Other instrument available: Bassoon
1533 Lifeguards 1900 - 1990's a) Officer and Standard Bearer, mounted
b) 2 mounted Lifeguards
1534 Lifeguards Drum Horse 1900 - 1990's
 A complete Lifeguard band can be produced with instrument variations as in set 1517
1535 Irish Guards 1970's Piper and 5 Guardsmen at attention with SLR
1536 Woman's Royal Army Corps Band 1970's a) Musical Director, music stand, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium, Clarinet, Tenor Horn
b) Bass Drummer and Drum, Eb Bass, French Horn, Saxophone, Flute, Bassoon
1537 Royal Scots Colour Party 1980's 2 Officers with Colours, 3 Colour Sergeants, 1 Regimental Sergeant Major
1538 Wessex Regiment TA 1980's Officer and 5 men marching with SA8O rifle at the slope
1539 King's Regiment 1990's Regimental Sergeant Major and 5 men marching with SA8O rifle at the slope
All horses and riders are from the Thoroughbred range of Castings. Line Infantry, Guards, Highlanders, Hussars and Lancers can be painted as other regiments on request
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