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Bands 1, Bands 2 and Bands 3 illustrate a number of bands and bandsmen and women produced over the years. There are two more sheets available at present.

The style of figure varies from simple to fairly detailed, and the finish from gloss to detailed matt.

What I am offering is to produce a band to your specifications in figure style and paint finish, or as castings. You can have what instrumentation you want, and the number of figures to suit your needs.

All of the figures illustrated appear in the casting list, some with a different head, not necessarily described as bandsmen!

If you can’t find what you want please contact me with your requirements and I will do my best to produce it, if it does not already exist in the lists.

There are other painted bands listed elsewhere in the catalogue, several on the ‘British Army at Home’ sheets, with the Sea Cadets and Marines on the ‘All at Sea’ sheets.

Figures are sold individually or in boxed sets. Most popular set sizes are 8 or 16 piece for drum and fife, or pipe bands. Brass bands are generally 12 or 21 pieces. Mounted bands look good in 10’s or 21’s if you have lots of space. Any variation is possible.

  • Castings start from £2.80 each and are listed in the castings lists.
  • Gloss painted foot figures start at £9.50 each.
  • Napoleonics, Crimean and Scots from £11 each.
  • Matt paint finish starts at £13.50 and varies with the amount of detail required.
  • Mounted figures start at £24 with drum horses or a matt finish costing more.
  • Most 12 piece bands are £117.
  • Napoleonic and other more detailed bands £135.
  • A 10 piece mounted band from £248.
  • Please contact me for a specific quote for your band.
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