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1999 Painted Set Additions - French Foreign Legion


We are pleased to announce that as of 15th November 2019 Imperial Miniatures are the new owners of Dorset Model Soldiers

UPDATE 13th May 2020

Please note that the Medieval Range S has been temporarily withdrawn while I resolve problems with the documentation and moulds to ensure that I can cast all the items.

UPDATE 10th May 2020

Apologies, but I have been ill for the last week with a virus (not Covid19 as far as I can tell) and not able to cast or paint so am behind on orders. I will start catching up starting on Monday 11th, but may still be a little slow.

Please also note that mail is VERY slow at the moment with first class taking up to 14 days in some areas and overseas postage also very slow.

I am still working and casting figures and painting as I work from home and don't need to travel to work. Orders might be slightly delayed as I am combining either daily exercise or weekly food shopping with posting orders.

Please note that you should allow up to 3 weeks for casting orders and 6 weeks for painted orders. Most are processed faster than that but some will take longer due to holidays and medical emergencies...

I have not received any outstanding order details from Andy Gibbs and no longer expect to, so if you are waiting for a paid order you will have to contact him (or contact me and I will pass the message on). If you have ordered and not received any response from last year you are better off reordering.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not responsible for any problems with orders placed before I bought the assets of Dorset Soldiers and took over the business on November 29th 2019. I can do my best to help with any outstanding problems but cannot guarantee anything.

Orders can continue to be placed through the Dorset Models website or by email, by phone or post (please note that cheques should be payable to Imperial Miniatures) and I am now processing orders on a regular basis. I am still finding my way around the range so may take some time to answer some questions.

I have upload the very latest version of the casting list (November 2019) as the one previously on the website was several years out of date.

Please note the new address and phone number:
Dorset Model Soldiers, Nyetimber, Norfolk Farm Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8LF, England
Tel: 01483 855757 (Cheques payable to Imperial Miniatures).

PLEASE NOTE: Our paypal address is payments@dorsetmodelsoldiers.com

Dorset will continue to be run as a separate website and business from Imperial.

For those people on Facebook we have a new Facebook page: Dorset Facebook Page

Mike Lewis
Imperial Miniatures


The Dorset Model Soldier Company (Dorset Soldiers) have been producing toy style 54mm lead soldiers for collections since 1976. We offer everything from a spare part to repair a wounded 'old soldier', through castings for you to complete to your own individual taste, both boxed and unboxed to suit your needs.

The company was sold by Giles Brown in 2016 to Peter James/Andy Gibbs.

Mike Lewis of Imperial Miniatures acquired the company in December 2019

Other ranges

Copies of colour sheets for Scouts & Guides, Postal Items and Greeks (post 1900) available via email - please contact us.

Customer Notice

Please note cheques should be made payable to Imperial Miniatures.

Please contact us for a friendly chat

Dorset Model Soldiers
35a Norfolk Farm Road
Surrey GU22 8LF
Tel. (01483) 855757
International: 0044 1483 855757
E-mail: sales@dorsetmodelsoldiers.com

» Latest casting list - November 2019


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